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Speaker Package


  • Be The Victor Speaking Workbook

  • Entry fee to 3-day seminar (Speaking Mastery and How to earn consistent, top dollar in your speaking business within a few months)

  • Speaker Portfolio Assessment

  • One 30-minute support call after seminar (within 30 days of course completion)

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Speaker Package (Best Value)


  • Everything in Self-Starter Speaker Pack

  • Speaker Profile Builder

  • Outline of how to secure school contracts and paid speaking engagements

  • Up to 3 school proposals DONE FOR YOU

  • Secure paid speaking engagements and/or school contracts within a few months

  • Guidance for Program

    Creation and Signature talks

  • Logo Creation

  • One sheet created for you

  • Three (3) 30 Minute support calls after seminar (within 30 days of Course Completion)

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Platinum Speaker

Experience Package


  • Everything in Professional Pack

  • Up to 5 school proposals DONE FOR YOU

  • Website Creation

  • Video recording of staged speaking engagement with live audience to create a video reel for Marketing purposes

  • Recorded podcast interview for marketing purposes

  • Video Sizzle Reel

  • Photo Shoot

  • Electronic Press Kit

  • Business Cards

  • Up to five (5) 30-minute support calls after seminar (within 30 days of completion)

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Be an official VICTOR by enrolling in our Monthly Membership for ongoing support and resources with a 3-month minimum membership required.


Included in your Membership:

  • Training Modules: Access to a library of pre-recorded training modules covering various aspects of public speaking and professional speaking business development.

  • Live Coaching Sessions: Weekly live coaching sessions where you can interact with our instructors directly, ask questions, and receive personalized feedback on your speaking skills and business strategies.

  • Guest Expert Workshops: Monthly workshops or webinars featuring guest experts from different industries, sharing insights on topics such as branding, marketing, networking, or specific niche areas of speaking.

  • Resource Library: Access to downloadable resources like speech templates, checklists, guides, and worksheets to assist members in their speaking journey.

  • Community Support: Membership in a private online community (Facebook group) where you can connect, share experiences, seek advice, and support each other.

  • Exclusive Content: Exclusive interviews with successful speakers, behind-the-scenes looks at their speaking businesses, and case studies highlighting their strategies and tactics.

  • Feedback Opportunities: Regular opportunities to submit your speeches or presentations for constructive feedback from our instructors and fellow members.

  • Discounts on Additional Services: Discounts on one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, or other premium services we offer outside of the membership program.

  • Monthly Challenges: Engaging monthly challenges designed to push you out of your comfort zones, encourage skill development, and foster community interaction.

  • Priority Access: Priority access or early registration to any live events, workshops, or special offers you host throughout the year.

  • Continuous Learning: Opportunities for ongoing learning through book recommendations, TED Talk analyses, or curated articles related to public speaking and professional development.

  • Flexible Cancelation Policy: A transparent and flexible cancelation policy that allows you to opt out at any time (after your 3rd month of paid membership) without any hassle.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: A satisfaction guarantee to reassure you that you can try out the program risk-free for 30 days and receive a refund if you're not satisfied.

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Welcome to the Be the Victor Speaker Workbook, designed to guide you on your journey to mastering valuable public speaking skills.

🎤🎤Whether you're a seasoned speaker looking to refine your craft or a newcomer eager to step onto the stage, this workbook will provide you with practical exercises and insightful guidance to help you become a confident and impactful communicator.

🎤🎤Great for professional public speakers and for improving your communication skills in the workplace.

🎤🎤The best part is, you are learning from a seasoned, professional speaker in Victor Vonico Johnson, who has imparted his proven, personal experiences into this workbook.

Upon payment, your digital workbook will be emailed to you. 📙

This small investment of $27.99 + tax will enhance your #1 skill for success: COMMUNICATION

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