Pathfinders Leadership Youth Program

A pathfinder is one that discovers a way or new route; they are not followers. This program is to help young male scholars between the ages of 12-18 to build character, confidence, and reduce behavior and performance challenges, through consistent weekly mentorship from our team of mentors. In doing so, we expect to see better behavior, attendance, overall performance, while developing the leaders within from the scholars that complete this mentorship program.

Students will gain the following through the Pathfinders program

● Help them identify their values 

● Help them understand their passion versus purpose 

● The basics of Personal Finance (money, credit, saving, and investing)

● Better decision-making abilities & self-awareness 

● Build their confidence to network, speak in public and/or in interviews/pitching ideas 

● Teach them time management, goal setting and execution techniques 

● Development of leadership qualities and respect for others

● How to dress properly and basic professional etiquette

Some of Our Clients & Media

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Serving with heart, inspiration, sincerity, and the unique ability to see the giftedness in others is the greatness of Vic tor Vonico Johnson. His life story is one of champions! Not of the typical I have overcome great odds in angst kind but the true narrative of love ever present in the midst of great odds. This is an important distinction because it speaks volumes of who he has become to be and the lens through which he sees the world around him and what he can offer it. Victor is a powerful and transformational speaker."
Julius B. Anthony
President, St. Louis Regional Literacy Association

It gives me great pleasure to recommend my good friend and colleague (Victor) and I don’t take doing so lightly. When I’m able to engage speakers who genuinely care about helping others reach their fullest potential and align with me philosophically and spiritually, I maximize such opportunities! Victor is definitely one who has my vote when it comes to the aforementioned. He possesses a keen commitment to excellence and professionalism! I recommend him without hesitation or reservation. He will undoubtedly do his clients proud!


Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe,

Founder/CEO, SAAB, Inspirational Speaker, 2015 White House National Public Service Awardee

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