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Victor is a highly rated, award-winning, inspirational speaker, youth advocate, business coach, real estate entrepreneur, & published author based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. He is also the Community Outreach Coordinator on the mortgage team for Prosperity Bank where he develops strategies to create more homeowners in the Black Communities of Texas and Oklahoma. Victor spent 17 years managing and developing dozens of leaders in Call Centers, leading teams, processes & relationships. In 2015, he began his rental property portfolio, and in 2018, he published his 1st book, PROVEN PATHWAYS TO WEALTH & HAPPINESS. Since then, Victor has impacted well over 250,000 lives through his stage appearances, his Mindset Monday posts and his YouTube Channel – Create Your Future Self. He now has 9+ years of experience as a professional speaker, real estate entrepreneur, business coach, and youth mentor designing several youth programs. With over 9 years' experience leading real estate development projects to include successfully developing 12 real estate projects in TX, GA, KC, and most recently in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. He also serves as Treasurer for the global men's mentor group, King's Accountability Group, Inc. He is also a TEDx speaker and Toastmaster.

Victor works with groups, organizations, schools, & individuals to help them get RESULTS! Be the VICTOR in your life, business, and finance!

Expertise in: Business Coaching, Leadership Development, Real Estate Investing, Entrepreneurship, Youth Mentorship, and Financial Literacy.

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Popular Speaking Topics

In-Person & Virtual


In this talk, Victor shares keys to changing your reality and building a future of success in many areas of your life, career, or in your business.
3 Key Takeaways:

1) Learn how to set goals and visions that you will actually achieve

2) Learn how to create a success mindset and habits that lead to actual results

3) Learn how to make a mantra that supports your goals


In this talk, Victor provides tools & strategies for seasoned professionals over 40 years old to use for successfully transitioning from working for someone else to starting their own business.

3 Key Takeaways

1) Embracing the entrepreneurial mindset

2) Creating Your Business Blueprint

3) Overcoming Obstacles and Sustaining Success

Leading Leaders Lead

In this talk, Victor shares his success techniques for running call centers of over 100 agents, multiple managers, and remote teams. His simple, yet effective processes will help your team improve year over year.

3 Key Takeaways:

1) How to put people in the right place at the right times to maximize team performance

2) Repeatable goal setting and execution techniques that work no matter your industry

3) Communication skills that make a positive influence at all levels on your team


In this talk, Victor shares insights on how you can be the winner in your life, business, health, and relationships, by BECOMING that person in your mind first.

3 Key Takeaways:

1) How to bounce back from some of life's toughest times

2) How to defeat 'self-limiting' beliefs

3) How to develop an 'always find a way' attitude

Learning, Leverage, and Landlording

In this talk, Victor shares his journey of how he turned his fear of getting into real estate investing, into a 298% return on investment in his 1st rental property deal.

3 Key Takeaways:

1) Learn ways to find, fund, and manage rental properties

2) Learn how to develop a system to keep the project on track

3) Learn how to get creative when challenges arise

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"Proven Pathways to Wealth and Happiness" is an empowering and insightful book that serves as a comprehensive guide to achieving both financial abundance and personal fulfillment. Written with clarity and expertise, the book offers practical strategies and time-tested principles that enable readers to navigate their way towards lasting prosperity and genuine happiness. It explores the symbiotic relationship between wealth and well-being, providing a roadmap that encompasses not only financial success but also the cultivation of meaningful relationships, personal growth, and a sense of purpose. Gain insights for overcoming personal credit challenges, paycheck to paycheck living, and lack of discipline. With its blend of inspiring anecdotes, actionable advice, and thought-provoking exercises, this book equips readers with the tools they need to create a balanced and fulfilling life, making it an indispensable resource for anyone seeking a holistic approach to achieving wealth and happiness.

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Serving with heart, inspiration, sincerity, and the unique ability to see the giftedness in others is the greatness of Vic tor Vonico Johnson. His life story is one of champions! Not of the typical I have overcome great odds in angst kind but the true narrative of love ever present in the midst of great odds. This is an important distinction because it speaks volumes of who he has become to be and the lens through which he sees the world around him and what he can offer it. Victor is a powerful and transformational speaker."
Julius B. Anthony
President, St. Louis Regional Literacy Association

It gives me great pleasure to recommend my good friend and colleague (Victor) and I don’t take doing so lightly. When I’m able to engage speakers who genuinely care about helping others reach their fullest potential and align with me philosophically and spiritually, I maximize such opportunities! Victor is definitely one who has my vote when it comes to the aforementioned. He possesses a keen commitment to excellence and professionalism! I recommend him without hesitation or reservation. He will undoubtedly do his clients proud!


Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe,

Founder/CEO, SAAB, Inspirational Speaker, 2015 White House National Public Service Awardee

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